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The Birmingham Alumni Chapter of Tennessee State University’s mission is to further the interest of the university in the metro Birmingham area by promoting fellowship, conducting fundraisers, sponsoring membership intake events and advancing the interest of the institution through alumni support.

Our purpose is to assist and support current and future students by enabling them to achieve their goals and education at the nation’s greatest institution of learning, Tennessee State University.






Birmingham Chapter Board Members:

Left to right: Iona Martin, Kruger Simon, Rozalind Simon (National Parliamentarian), Felicia Johnson (Recording Secretary, and National Recording Secretary), Delphine Ford (Treasurer and National Treasurer), Charles Townsend (President), Rick Ingram (Scholarship Chairperson), LaJuana Hamer and Jacquelyn Fail (Financial Secretary).

Not pictured: Vernita Wesley (Vice President), Jeffery Hamer, Roosevelt Reynolds (Membership Chairperson), Mark Leonard, Gwendolyn Smith, Lakeisha Woods, Carl Hill, Nathan Lovett, Dolores Johnson, Debra Love, Rufus Belser, Marsha Morgan, Michelle Lee, Donnetta Patterson,Angela Day, Eddie Billingsley.






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